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What Sets Us Apart?

We specialize in identifying and addressing critical conservation needs and knowledge gaps across African countries. Our approach is grounded in evidence-based practices and emphasises building research capacity within these countries through citizen science initiatives and strategic partnerships. By implementing sustainable habitat protection and natural resources management at a landscape level, we aim to ensure the long-term survival of key amphibian habitats while enhancing ecosystem resilience and species adaptation. Additionally, we prioritise promoting mindset shifts towards African amphibian and habitat conservation through environmental education, skills transfer, and strengthening local conservation capacity.

Objective One

Amphibian conservation needs, and knowledge gaps, are identified for African countries and are informed by conservation evidence, while building in-country research capacity, including through citizen science and partnerships.

Objective Two

Sustainable landscape-level habitat protection and natural resources management secures long-term survival of key amphibian areas and strengthens ecosystem resilience and species adaptation, guided by global amphibian conservation priorities.

Objective Three

Mindset shifts that promote African amphibian and important habitat 

conservation are supported through environmental education, improved awareness, critical skills transfer,

and strengthened local


If you’d like more information about our objectives, get in touch today.

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