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What We Do

Anura Africa's mission is to advance amphibian conservation across Africa's landscapes. We prioritise evidence-based projects, enhancing local capacity to safeguard species, habitats, and communities.


Our approach recognises amphibians as vital indicators of ecosystem health and resilience, advocating holistic conservation rather than species-specific interventions.


Research and monitoring inform conservation actions, emphasising habitat protection and integrating broader landscape strategies to address threats like habitat destruction, climate change, pollution, and disease.

Our Mission

Anura Africa supports landscape-level amphibian conservation priorities in Africa. Our conservation projects are informed by conservation evidence and implemented alongside strengthened capacity of local conservationists to ensure resilience for species, habitats and communities.

Our Vision

Conserving Africa's Amphibians: Saving Species, Securing Landscapes, Strengthening Capacity.

Our Approach

At Anura Africa, our landscape-level conservation approach centres on Africa’s remarkable amphibians as sentinels for ecosystem health and resilience. We recognise the significance of amphibians for assessing the health of ecosystems. Instead of only focusing on specific species, our approach is holistic, viewing amphibians as ambassadors for entire ecosystems. Research and monitoring provide critical feedback on the conservation interventions we implement.

What sets Us Apart?

Amphibians, vital indicators of freshwater health, habitat integrity, and biodiversity, are often neglected in conservation planning despite their critical role in ecosystem assessment and stability.

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