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Advancing  Amphibian Conservation in Africa

As habitats are transformed and climate change impacts become increasingly realised, Africa’s amphibians are at increased risk of extinction. These flagships for freshwater health, habitat integrity and diversity, are often the last to be considered in conservation planning. Globally, 40.7% are threatened. Scaling up conservation action for amphibians has never been more critical. 

Anura Africa is committed to advancing amphibian conservation in southern Africa and across the continent, by identifying needs and knowledge gaps, bolstering research capacity, and implementing conservation actions informed by evidence. We support sustainable landscape-level habitat protection by facilitating natural resource management practices aimed at ensuring the conservation of critical amphibian habitat. Our approach is guided by global amphibian conservation priorities, with a focus on enhancing ecosystem resilience to safeguard species adaptation. Integral to our mission is supporting mindset shifts towards appreciation for African amphibian conservation through skills transfer, citizen science, partnerships, improving awareness and strengthening local capacity.

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For Frogs, For Freshwater, For our Future.

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Anura Africa is headed up by an awarded amphibian biologist and a career Ecologist, both with more than three decades of experience between them in the conservation world.

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Citizen Science in Action.
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At Anura Africa, our landscape-level conservation approach centres on Africa’s remarkable amphibians as sentinels for ecosystem health and resilience.

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Support Anura Africa's crucial amphibian conservation projects. Your donation strengthens local capacity, empowers communities, and safeguards Africa's invaluable amphibian species. Donate now for lasting conservation impact.

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"In every wetland lives each one of our seven oceans, and hundreds of thousands of stars..."

Our Partners

Partners, funders, and the public play a vital role in amphibian conservation efforts. These collaborations essential resources, expertise, and advocacy, enabling effective research, habitat protection, and community engagement. Together, we can ensure the survival of amphibian species and ensure the health of ecosystems for future generations.

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Bionerds PTY Ltd
Fynbos Trust
Kloof Conservancy
Nuwejaars Wetlands SMA
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